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The success story of “Lietuva-gyvūnams” on the Contribee platform

Lietuva – gyvūnams” is a non-profit charity founded on the initiative of Deimantė Guobytė, whose main goal is to support animal shelters in Lithuania, to encourage people to adopt pets from temporary foster homes, to fight illegal breeding of animals and to protect animals kept and bred in poor conditions.

This charity is one of the most successful creators on the Contribee platform, having raised more than €10,000 in a few months. Agnė Druteikaitė, a representative of this foundation, tells us more about her journey on Contribee.

– How did you find out about Contribee and what made you want to create a page on this platform?

– It all happened in time and place. One of the co-founders of Contribee contacted us and suggested the idea of joining, so we decided to give it a try. We looked at other ways of collecting donations, other platforms, but Contribee seemed to be the most convenient, the most supportive and, of course, the cheapest. Every euro raised is important for our work, so we didn’t want to spend it on various platform fees – here, thanks to the no-fees for developers, we managed to avoid that.

– How did you raise support before you set up your page on the Contribee platform? Did you face any challenges or difficulties?

– Until now, our Relief and Charity Fund has been helping shelters with food, partly financially. We have collected the food in the usual way – in supermarkets, asking people for help. However, when the upheaval in Lithuania with animal breeders and animal cruelty began, this was no longer enough. We liked the fact that Contribee has Lithuanian founders who listened to our needs and comments and gave us great advice. We are glad that when we had a lot of work to do, they helped us to set up and manage the site properly. We realised that we really work together, so what could be better? Teamwork brings the best results.

– Has fundraising with Contribee become easier for you? How and why?

Contribee is one of the tools we use to collect donations. However, it should be stressed that it is the most successful way that has helped us raise the most money. We value monthly subscriptions the most, where people donate a certain amount of money each month, which allows us to plan for tomorrow’s goals and thus save as many abused and exploited animals as possible. We are extremely grateful to our supporters!

– You are one of the most successful pages on the Contribee platform, can you share your success formula? Do you have any tips for other creators on how to communicate with their audience to attract more donations?

People like to see things “straight”. We are accountable with our donors, showing all the accounts. We show how much money we have raised and how much we have spent, where and to whom we have donated. We fully understand that not everyone is sensitive towards animals being abused, and that others even laugh at it, but we see that there are those who care. Moreover, this is a voluntary activity, so we do not receive any remuneration for this activity, everything down to the last penny goes to the animals and those who care for them. These days there are many ways to make a name for yourself, so we try to be visible. Our main goal is to make people aware of breeders and the animals they exploit. We are not trying to raise a specific amount of money, we are trying to make a difference, but we are all aware that we need funds to do this.

– What advice would you give to developers who are still considering using Contribee?

– Only one thing – start here and now. There’s not much thinking or questioning involved. It takes just a few moments to create a page on the platform, there are no strings attached or hidden fees, so what’s stopping you from giving it a go?

You can donate to Deimantė Guobytė’s charity and support fund “Lietuva-gyvūnams” here. Frequently asked questions can be found here.