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How do I protect the content hosted by Contribee?

Dear content creators,

In this blog post, we aim to describe the features of the video players available on the Contribee platform. In Contribee, you can offer your audience two viewing options: using the YouTube/Vimeo player or the Contribee player.

The purpose of the Contribee player is to protect the links of the videos you upload. When your content is made available through the Contribee player, supporters face restrictions on sharing the video with others. Specifically, if your video is made available through the Contribee Player, supporters can only access it on your Contribee page, without being able to open it on platforms such as YouTube, or to share it for viewing on various devices such as TVs.

It is worth noting that the Contribee Player is an optional feature available to all new creators, giving you the option to choose how you would like your videos to be shown to your supporters, either through a secure link to the video, or through the ability to watch it on platforms like YouTube.

Activating the Contribee Player is a simple process. Simply go to “Dashboard” -> “Page Settings” -> “Privacy” -> check the box “Yes, use Contribee player” and click “Update”.

After this action, all videos will now be unavailable via platforms such as YouTube.

In addition, we suggest you purchase a Vimeo plan, which will provide greater protection for the content you upload!

Check out the enhanced features of the Contribee video player!