Pay-per-post feature and how to use it properly

What is pay-per-post?
Pay-Per-Post feature allows fans to purchase access to a selected post on Contribee at a price set by a creator. This is a great alternative for those who want to get access to the creator’s content but are not ready to become subscribers.

How does it work?
Before sharing a post, creators can choose whether the post will be public and free for everyone or accessible only for subscribers. Also, there is an option to set a price at which the post can be unlocked by all users.

When a creator selects the Pay-Per-Post option and sets a price, a purchase button will appear on the locked post (as shown below) and allow fans to access a post by making a one-time payment.

How is it beneficial for creators and fans?
Pay-per-post feature is great for fans who want to get access to one or more posts at a set price without commitment to monthly subscriptions. It gives creators an opportunity to sell access to online courses, trainings, virtual exhibitions, concerts etc.

How long will fans have access to a purchased post?
Fans have access to a purchased post as long as it’s active on the creator’s page. As there’s no time limit, fans can access purchased posts as many times as they want.

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