How do I get people to notice my Contribee page ?


Why is it important for creators to promote their Contribee page on social media?
Most people become supporters because creators asked them. The most successful creators are the ones who communicate often and clearly.
If you are a creator, your responsibility is to make it easy for your audience to support you and your activity. The best way to do so is to promote your Contribee page on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even TikTok.

How do I get people to join me on Contribee?
Make sure to put the link of your Contribee page to your profile on every social media platform you have. By doing so you’ll ensure your followers have quick and easy access to your Contribee page.


First, don’t forget to mention why you have created your Contribee page
If you haven’t mentioned in your previous posts that you have a Contribee page, make your followers aware of the page and let them know the reason why you’ve ve created it. This will help you increase the amount of support you get from your fans.

As you grow your army of followers some of them might not know that you have a Contribee page, so a quick reminder at the end of your posts, stories, or videos can make a big difference.

Link in the description
The description is always a good place to add useful information. We suggest you add a link to your Contribee page to make it more noticeable.

QR codes
QR codes can be used as a reminder for your fans that with a simple scan they can support you and your activity. QR codes can be used on tickets, printouts, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, etc.

Personalized messages
Make sure that when you talk to your fans you’re not being passive and use phrases like “support me on Contribee” or “if you loved this, check out more on my Contribee page” or “exclusively in my Contribee page you can…”;

How do I get people to notice my Contribee page?

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