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Contribee creators can now generate QR codes

What Does QR Stand For?

QR stands for “Quick Response.” While they may look simple, QR codes are capable of storing lots of data. But no matter how much they contain, when scanned, the QR code will allow Contribee users to access their favourite creators’ profiles instantly.

How Contribee QR codes work?

Contribee creators can easily generate QR codes in their account and share them both online and offline. After scanning a QR code users will be given subscription or one-time tip options on Contribee. Registration is not required to tip creators.

Why should creators share their QR codes?

Sharing QR codes allows fans to support their favorite creators’ activity quickly and easily. For example, an increasing number of people watch YouTube on smart TV and adding QR codes to videos will give fans an easy option to support creators while not disturbing their watching experience.

Where else can creators share their QR codes?

  • Articles & books
  • Business cards
  • Event tickets
  • Leaflets
  • Social media
  • Videos

Have questions? Get in touch and will be more than happy to help.

Contribee creators can now generate QR codes

QR codes make it easy for supporters to access your page and donate, whether online or in-person. Get started today and simplify the donation process for your audience.