Growing demand for educational content

Trainings, seminars or courses are excellent sources of building knowledge, which contribute to personal competencies or organizational development processes. 

During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and began to look for ways to learn new things and develop new skills. According to COVID-19 online shopping surveys, online sales of educational courses have increased by 9 percent since the start of the pandemic. The growing demand for educational trainings created a need for new distribution channels. Contribee is an easy-to-use platform for the distribution of trainings, seminars or courses. Below are some tips on how you can leverage Contribee for sales and distribution of educational content.

How to use Contribee for sales of educational content?

Increasing number of people are looking for solutions to share knowledge and monetize their work. Selling educational courses or seminars without a website can be complicated and inconvenient. We often see educators creating profiles and groups on social networks and asking users to transfer money to their bank accounts. It raises safety concerns and requires quite a bit of time.

Contribee’s payment processing partner ensures highest safety standards and allows users to make payments in the blink of an eye. This combined with a user-friendly interface makes Contribee a great solution for an easy and stress-free distribution of seminars and other educational material. Below are some examples on how you can use Contribee’s features to monetize your activity.

How to leverage Contribee features for more successful seminar sales?

Monthly subscriptions
Creators can share seminars on a regular basis with subscribers who make payments every month to get exclusive access to the creator’s content. Creating different subscription tiers allows creators to earn more by offering more options that users can choose from. For example, subscribers who pay 3 euros a month might get access to biweekly seminars whereas those who choose to pay 5 euros would get access to weekly seminars.

Pay-per-post allows creators to sell access to specific articles or seminars for a fixed price. It’s a great option for users as they can get access to your content even if they’re not ready to become subscribers yet.

Creating goals and sharing them with your audience is a great way to attract more support for your project and incentivize users to support your activity by revealing how their support will be used. For example, you could do a bonus 3-hour seminar after reaching 500 euros in monthly subscription revenue.

We recommend that you share your Contribee page on social media to increase awareness. Make sure you clearly explain the benefits of supporting your activity and ways how to do it.You can find answers to frequently asked questions here.
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