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500€ raised in a few days: the success story of Rasa Bitė

Introducing another Contribee platform developer – Rasa Bitė.

Rasa is distinguished by the fact that in just a few days after creating her page on the Contribee platform, she has managed to raise just over €500 from monthly recurring subscriptions. And this amount is constantly growing!

As Rasa herself writes on her page, she has been an incurable plant maniac for over 23 years – it is her alpha and omega. Everything on Rasa’s Contribee page revolves around plants – here she shares information on landscape design, plant combinations, trends, garden trips, training and more.

So where did this passion for plants come from, how did she discover the Contribee platform and what prompted her to move here – Rasa tells us more about it:

– What do you do? For how long?

– I am involved in several activities – landscape design, trainings, seminars, foreign garden trips. Everything revolves around one central axis – plants. 20+ years of experience and some knowledge in this field, I guess, is paying off – in the few days of my Contribee page’s existence, I have gathered a nice group of subscribers. I am very happy with the trust shown.

– Have you been/are you active on social networks? Which ones? What kind of audience have you built up?

– Yes, I am quite active on social networks, which is the main means of promoting my activities. I couldn’t even give a precise answer on the size of the audience, as growing the number of followers is not my ambition. I have almost reached the limit of friends allowed on Facebook, so I only accept friends who are related to planting and the plant world (I am not lazy to check every friend request, and I am slowly reducing the number of friends). I know there are hundreds of followers, but I can’t say how many, I haven’t looked. I also have a business page on Favebook with 3600 followers, and an Instragram page with about 2100 followers. However, I’m not really interested in these numbers, because I’m not pursuing a career asan influencer. What is more important are the genuinely interested followers who are genuinely interested in the message I am spreading. They are the ones who become subscribers to my Contribee page.

– How did you come up with the idea of monetising your activities on a platform like Contribee?

– Actually, I have been registered on a similar platform, Patreon, for a few years, although I have not been active. So obviously the idea has been around for a while – I have been writing on my own website since 2008, which was quite popular at the time. But, let’s face it, it takes a lot of time to prepare valuable content and to illustrate it with photos. If it does not generate at least a minimum amount of revenue, it is difficult to explain the economic logic to myself. So a content sharing platform seems like the ideal tool for both dissemination and revenue generation. And at the same time, you can check how much the information you are spreading is worth – they say people vote with their money for a reason. Which is perfectly understandable.

– How did you discover Contribee and what made you want to create a page on this platform?

– I discovered Contribee completely by accident, searching for information about Patreon on Google. So I went and read about it. I was intrigued by the simplicity of the Contribee platform and its user-friendliness. It’s a great platform to start with, because the only real investment, for now, is your time and intellectual resources (texts, photos). For creative work, I don’t even see why not to give it a try. And I have tried it, which I am very happy with. Last but not least, the fact that the platform is a Lithuanian product, it’s great to support my fellow countrymen.

How do you feel about Contribee’s services? What do you like best?

– I rate it excellent. I don’t really have much friendship with anything to do with computers or software. But at Contribee everything is very simple. A few simple steps, and all you have to do is sit down and create. I would perhaps like to see a few more tools, for example for structuring information, but somehow I have no doubt that more and more of these features will appear in time. When technical issues arise, everything is dealt with promptly.

– What advice would you give to those who are considering setting up a page on the Contribee platform?

– I would advise you not to consider it, I don’t see any reason for it. If you are in a creative profession or have a hobby that you ‘burn’ for other than your time, you have nothing to lose by creating a page on the Contribee platform. You will increase your visibility and possibly create some source of income. Love is love, but hobbies have their price too.

You can support Rasa Bitė here.

Frequently asked questions can be found here.