Video players on the Contribee platform

Dear Creators,

In this blog post, we want to describe the capabilities of the video players on the Contribee platform. You can allow your subscribers to watch your videos in two ways: the first is via the YouTube/Vimeo player, and the second is via the Contribee player.

The purpose of the Contribee player is to protect the links of your uploaded videos. If your video is displayed using the Contribee player, supporters will not be able to easily share it with others. However, if your video is shown through the Contribee player, supporters can only view it on your Contribee page – they cannot open it on YouTube or share viewing options on other devices such as TVs.

The Contribee player is automatically enabled for all new creators, so it is up to you to decide how to present your videos to supporters – with a protected video link or the ability to watch the video on YouTube or other devices.

To disable the Contribee player, go to Dashboard -> Page settings -> Privacy -> uncheck the box from “Yes, use Contribee player” and press “Update”.

Now people can open all the videos via YouTube and etc.

Also, the Contribee platform offers pay-per-post, pay-per-category, fundraising posts, and many other great features. If you have any additional questions about Contribee functionality, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email [email protected] directly.

Video players on Contribee platform

Discover how the Contribee platform offers an exceptional video player experience for both content creators and viewers.