How to turn a hobby into a source of income ?

Probably most of us agree that hobbies make us feel as if time doesn’t exist. However, many people are afraid to share their works. Some worry about the criticism they may get, lack support from others or don’t believe that their activity could be monetized. If you’ve had any of these fears, a few simple steps might help you overcome them.

Focus on what you love

Imagine you just got a day off. What would you do? Focus on the activities you love and are already skilled at. Perhaps, that‘s drawing, creating music or even wood carving. Concentrate on what makes you happy and always keep learning. If you’re passionate about your work, chances are others will be too.
It’s wise to check whether someone else creates content similar to yours. Understanding whether you’ll have competition and who they are will help you succeed. Last but not least, answer two simple questions before you start:
·       Who are my fans?
·       What sets me apart?

Share your content and start monetizing it

Communicate on social media platforms regularly to get your work more visibility.
Creating an account on a platform like Contribee will make your content monetization easy.
Make sure you engage with your audience, share content on a regular basis and answer their questions. Let your fans choose the content they want to receive. Direct communication with your audience and their engagement will help you attract more subscribers and donors.

Believe in yourself

We hope that these simple steps above will help you to make content creation fun and enjoyable. Don’t forget that if you believe in what you do and do it with passion, your audience will appreciate it.
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