How can nonprofits leverage Contribee ?

Many are not aware of the great work nonprofits do. We’re excited to share some tips on how nonprofits can leverage Contribee to attract more support and be more noticeable.
Why is Contribee beneficial to nonprofits? We charge organizations 0% fees and allow them to communicate with your donors directly.

Check out some tips on how to start leveraging Contribee

Set an achievable yet inspirational goal
Create a goal that will motivate people to support you. Share your goal on Contribee page, promote it and track your progress towards it. Let supporters know how reaching the goal will help your organization.

Share your Contribee page on social media
Communication is the key to success. Promote your work and ways to support your activity on Contribee on your social media. A simple way to do it is by adding the info to your profile descriptions and posting updates on a regular basis. You might also want to consider running paid promotion campaigns on social media to attract more support. 

Focus on attracting recurring support
Monthly subscriptions allow you to have a more reliable source of financing your activity than relying only on one-time donations. For example, having a 6 euro subscription will turn into a 72 euro annual support. We suggest that you create a few subscription tiers and clearly communicate the benefits of each.

Create a close relationship with your supporters
Be open and sincere with your supporters and keep them informed. Sharing information about your activities and their impact will allow you to create meaningful relationships with your fans and engage with them.

Explore other ways to attract support for your non-profit organization

Sell branded merchandise
Creating merch that represents your nonprofit’s values is a great way to both promote its activities and attract more support. Emphasize that a part of the proceeds will be used to finance your work. That way supporters will feel more rewarded for the purchase they made.

Organize fundraising events
Use events to present your activities and share success stories. It’s also a great way to show appreciation to your donors and ensure lasting support.

How can nonprofits leverage Contribee?

Maximize your nonprofit organization’s fundraising potential with Contribee’s platform. Get support and donations through Contribee.